Do you know that our feet and ankles are some of the most vital and constantly impacted areas of our bodies? This leads to regular injuries that are commonly misunderstood and misdiagnosed. When it comes to our feet and ankle injuries, we must receive adequate care to regain movement and mobility. Empire Foot and Ankle Center provides expert and accurate diagnosis while creating an individual treatment plan for your ankle and feet in Chino Hills.

What Causes Foot and Ankle Trauma

Most Foot and Ankle traumas are related to sports injuries, but they aren’t exclusive to athletes only. An ankle injury could be the result of something very ordinary, like walking or running on an even surface, falling and tripping or a sudden impact directed towards your ankle. While a foot trauma is more common, it might occur from jumping from a height, landing directly on foot, over even from constant stress from running or walking.

Our Foot and Ankle Trauma services

Given the delicate nature of the foot and ankle, we offer personalized care to every patient with the most effective treatment plan. Empire Foot and Ankle Center at Chino Hills is home to a team of the leading foot and ankle doctors and specialists who are dedicated to analyzing, diagnosing and then tailoring multiple treatment plans to meet the specific needs of our patients. Our primary objective is to restore both function and mobility to get you back on your feet without any pain.

We provide a comprehensive range of foot and ankle treatment options, from non-surgical treatments and procedures for various minor conditions to the latest and surgically advanced procedures for more complex injuries and disorders. No matter what your treatment plan may be, you can always expect the same compassionate and dedicated care along with technical expertise from our devoted foot and ankle Doctors right from the start till the very end.